Who We Are


Established in 1998 and headquartered in Singapore, OKH Global Ltd. (“OKH Global” or “the Company”) and its subsidiaries (collectively, the “Group”) is an integrated property developer with a strategic focus on logistics and industrial properties.

Interlinking strategic investments with our capabilities in property development, the Group aims to further strengthen our business presence in Asia and beyond.


Every employee plays an essential role in our company. We achieve success by promoting a collaborative work environment in which everyone is committed to achieve our corporate goals based on open and honest communications while showing care and support for each other.


In every aspect of our business, we embrace innovation and creativity by challenging conventional practices and inspiring continuous improvement to stay at the forefront of sustainable solutions.


Our professionalism is the foundation of our corporate performance. We apply both our extensive industry knowledge and technical competence to competitive advantage and conduct ourselves at all times in a manner which we strive for excellence in our work and add value to what we do.


We incorporate effective use of technology, develop performance measures, communicate outcomes and results and implement necessary changes to provide fast and high quality services at low transactional costs.


We remain accountable at all times to all our stakeholders, both internal and external. Through unquestionable honesty, openness and fairness, we take pride in conducting ourselves morally, legally and ethically while delivering excellence to our customers.


We take pride in the diversity of our workplace and address our disparities professionally. We view differences of opinion as opportunities that can be used to improve our businesses and acknowledge the contributions of each individual regardless of their background and treat people as we would like to be treated ourselves.